5 FDA Approved Medicines in 2018

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) takes responsibility in ensuring the American consumers that they are taking safe, up-to-date, and advanced medications. These medicines have undergone strict and rigorous evaluation, testing, screening, and clinical studies. Those who participate in clinical studies in Florida are also subjected to strict monitoring in order to fully see the effectiveness of the medications.

As a source of trusted clinical research studies in Tampa, Florida, we believe in the high value of clinical research in the pursuit of right medications for illnesses. As it is, there are still medical conditions that have no cure but with symptoms that can be lessened. With reliable researches, the ideal medications and treatments can administer the anticipated results.

The FDA continues to oversee these studies and approve medicines that pass the strict standards. Here’s a few of recently FDA-approved medicines and their respective purposes:

  1. Ilumya
    This medication is intended for adults who have plaque psoriasis at its moderate-to-severe level. Plaque psoriasis are skin conditions that appear as red patches that are raised and often found on the scalp, along the knees and elbows, and also at the lower back. This drug is filed under dermatology.
  2. Aimovig
    This drug is an injectable treatment for adults with migraines. It’s intended to provide preventative effects. Migraines are the recurring headaches characterized by throbbing sensations, which are usually followed by nausea and double vision. Aimovig is filed under family medicine.
  3. Lutathera
    This medicine is an injectable intravenous treatment for neuroendocrine tumors in adults, which include foregut and midgut, as well as the hindgut. These tumors are neoplasms from endocrine cells that are mostly benign, although some are malignant. This medicine is filed under gastroenterology.
  4. Crysvita
    This drug is an inhibiting treatment for X-linked hypophosphatemia (XLH) in adults and children 1 year and older. XLH is an inherited illness which puts a person at low levels of phosphate in their blood, resulting in soft bones or rickets. This medicine is filed under genetic disease.
  5. Andexxa
    This medicine is intended for patients who have been taking rivaroxaban and apixaban. In particular, the medication is administered when the anticoagulation properties have to be reversed in order to address uncontrollable bleeding. In other words, this medicine helps in restoring the normal blood clotting process. This medicine is filed under hematology.

The life-saving value of performing medical studies in Florida cannot be undermined. The above-mentioned medicines are just a few of the treatments that have undergone serious testing so that they can achieve the ideal results for the improvement of a patient’s health. Without medical studies, thesetreatments would not have been developed and treatable conditions would be fatal.

At Avita Clinical Research, we take charge of partnering with pharmaceutical companies and other health agencies in conducting valid and reliable studies of medicines and their developments. We’re all in this together as we also enjoin you to participate in the clinical trials available. If you would like to participate in such trials, feel free to keep in touch with us.

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