Why a Clinical Research Needs a Diversified Pool of Participants

With the different health conditions that many people have to battle every day, new medications have proven to be a ray of hope to these patients. Clinical studies in Florida are continuously conducted in an attempt to find new, safe, and effective treatments for a variety of diseases.

How new medications are released to the public

Before patients can get their hands on the latest treatment for a specific condition, such treatment will have to go through a series of tests and evaluations commonly known as clinical research studies in Tampa, Florida. These tests will help scrutinize the effectiveness and safety of the treatment for the symptoms experienced by the patients.

The need for diversity

However, not all patients are the same. They have different body compositions and have different reactions to treatments. At the same time, they are also in different stages of the disease. These patients may even have other existing health conditions along with the disease which the treatment is for.

A particular cure that works perfectly in an adolescent’s case may not be as effective in an adult facing the same condition. Such cure may even result to certain side effects which may compromise the health and safety of the patient.

Researchers look after the safety of the patients in their participation in medical studies in Florida. That is why most of these researchers are often reluctant to include certain age groups in the studies. Some of these groups are:

  • older adults or geriatric patients
  • children
  • pregnant women
  • those with cognitive impairments
  • and more…

Researchers do not want to risk the safety of these mentioned age groups, leading to their exclusion from most studies. As a result, the treatment may only be limited to those groups that have participated in the research.

When participants are limited, the extent to which the treatment can be administered is also limited. Other age groups which could have benefited from the treatment may have limited options. Researchers nowadays are pushing for the inclusion of older adults in various studies. Hopefully, this can lead to better outcomes.

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