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Clinical trials are a beneficial way to learn more about your health condition, while receiving treatment at no cost. Often times, patients struggle with their current medication treatment and experience little to no results. Some patients might even experience difficulty paying for their expensive treatment.

At Avita Clinical Research, clinical trials make this a great avenue to explore new treatments that might be your solution. Not only do you benefit, but so do your family, friends, and community from your participation in clinical research advancement.

So how do clinical trials work?

First, volunteers must meet the eligibility criteria to qualify for the study.

Next, a consent form illustrating everything that the trial entails are signed. Volunteers can discontinue participation of the trials at any time!

Once enrolled into the trial, each volunteer will be assigned treatment throughout the duration of the trial. This treatment will be at no cost to the volunteer. In fact, volunteers get reimbursed for time and travel!

Finally, each volunteer will have their health monitored by a qualified group of medical professionals during the trial at no cost.

Experienced healthcare professionals are ready to welcome you. Please feel free to reach them at 813-603-1800 or send an email to

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